HOM Online Fashion Store

If you're looking for mens underwear, HOM is the way to go. They know how to please a man. Only the best fabrics are used for a comfortable fit and a feel good sensation on your skin. The brand has gained considerabel in popularity over the last few yours, and with their fashionable and daring designs it's not unsurprising that HOM is called the number one brand in men's lingerie.

Where it all started

HOM was founded in1968. A distinctive brand during that time, because of their innovative approach when lookin at men's underwear. HOM brought underwear that was made to feel comfortable and give support where the man needs it most. In their early years HOM mostly focused on functional underwear. As HOM matured, they developed a sense on how to bring a comfortable and functional design together with fashion.

Nowadays HOM can be called a true speciliast when we talk about men's underwear, with a wide range of products to choose from. Sexy, basic or functional, for every occasion there is a perfect fit. If you're looking for a HOM string, briefs, trunk or boxer briefs. With HOM you are all set and good to go.

HOM Beachwear and Loungewear

As the brand grew in popularity, HOM casually expanded their range of products to lounge- and swimwear. The wide range of swimwear exists primarely out of swiming briefs, trunks, shorts (both wide and tight) and boardshorts. After the hot and warm days you can replace your swimwear with comfortable HOM loungewear, to snuggle warm and cozy on the couch. or in front of your fireplace.

We invite you to take a take a look in our HOM store, and be amazed by the wide range of products HOM has to offer. Happy shopping!